The protection of your privacy is of utmost importance to ALTISSIA. ALTISSIA is committed to respecting the laws concerning personal privacy and the collection of personal information. 

Data that we collect and you provide to us. We collect personal information, including your surname, first name, title, address, country, telephone number, email address, date of birth, native language, user name, password, company reference and VAT number, in order to deliver the services offered to you on our website,  We take care to limit the personal information collected to that which is necessary for the provision of our services. 


Reasons for the collection of personal information. We use the collected information for the following purposes: 

(i)             to provide you with the services requested

(ii)            to respond to your enquiries concerning our services

(iii)           to request feedback from you about our services

(iv)           to optimise your searches when you are on our site


In addition, ALTISSIA reserves the right to use the information collected, namely your surname, first name, address, email address and telephone number, to send you newsletters and other promotional communications by post, email, telephone and/or SMS in direct relation to the services offered by ALTISSIA. 


How we disclose your information outside of our company. Except under exceptional circumstances such as those ordered by the law, ALTISSIA is forbidden to communicate or sell your personal information to third parties. 


Access, modification and deletion of collected information. You may, at any time, request a copy of your personal information that we have stored in our databases by contacting us via the 'Contact Us' tab on our website. We may, in this case, request proof of identification before proceeding with your request. You also have the right to request that your information be deleted from our files or to have your information corrected. You may do so via the contact feature or by sending an email to [].


Protection of information. The site and e-commerce of ALTISSIA are hosted on several servers dedicated to and supplied by providers chosen among European leaders of web hosting. In order to protect the entire system against viruses and other external attacks, system software and application software are updated as soon as a security update is available. The manager of the infrastructure performs computer checks and immediately applies the urgent updates. Access to servers is restricted by private/public keys and the private key is encrypted (DES 256). To ensure maximum protection, a firewall is installed on each server and configured by our network administrator.


Finally, each individual computer of ALTISSIA staff members is equipped with a professional anti-virus programme that is automatically updated. 


The host is committed to protecting the infrastructure against all types of attacks, regardless of their duration or magnitude. It relies on an infrastructure dedicated to the mitigation of denial-of-service attacks. 


Telecommunication privacy guarantee.  All transmissions of personal data are encrypted via 'https' pages. This mainly concerns all administrator tools (for example, management of servers, access to databases, access to servers). All communication between servers is encrypted using TLS technology, and access to the server is via encrypted SSH and VPN connections. This ensures the highest level of security and guarantee of data confidentiality.  In addition, all passwords belonging to users and supervisors are encrypted (SHA256) in our database and cannot be read, neither outside nor within ALTISSIA. This is why we will only send out new passwords, and never existing ones. This is an essential security measure that prevents any unauthorised access to personal and confidential information. 

Respect of the collected data concerning minors. We take care to protect the privacy of minors. The collection of personal information of a minor is not possible without the authorisation of his/her parent or guardian.  Please contact us immediately if you believe that the data of a minor has been collected without parental consent. 


Contact us. If you would like additional assistance or to send us feedback, you may contact us via the following:

·       By email:

·       By post: Altissia International S.A.

16, Place de l'Université

1348 Louvain-la-Neuve


·       By telephone: +32 (0)10 65 72 61



What is a cookie?

A 'cookie' is a file installed on your device. It allows for the storage of information related to your browsing on our website (for example, language settings, connection time, pages visit).  During your subsequent visits, website publishers can view the data, particularly in order to facilitate your navigation. In the interest of transparency, the following paragraphs aim to give you an explanation of the cookies used by Please be aware that sharing the use of your device with others is likely to modify the personalised actions of the cookies. 


The cookies may have various purposes:


•    'functional' cookies improve your navigation experience on the ALTISSIA platform and the provision of services you have explicitly requested (for example, the authentication of your account)


•    'analytical' cookies and audience measurement cookies allow for the analysis of marketing performance and audience on the site


What types of cookies are used on the ALTISSIA site?


These cookies are either directly implemented by ALTISSIA or proposed by publishers of audience measurement solutions.  


1. Cookies deposited by ALTISSIA

Name of cookies: encrypted cookies

Objective of cookie: the storing of information necessary to ensure good navigation performance on the site for the client

Life duration: one year

2. Cookies deposited by third 'audience measurement' parties

Name of cookies: Google Analytics, Google Universal Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook

Objective of cookie: used for statistical and marketing purposes

Life duration: 6-12 months maximum


You have various ways to manage cookies at your disposal


Your internet browser settings

You may at any time choose to deactivate cookies. Your browser can be set to notify you of the cookies deposited onto your computer and you may accept or refuse them. You may accept or refuse cookies on a case by case basis, or you may refuse them all at once systematically.

Please note that these settings may modify your conditions of access to our services requiring the use of cookies.  If your browser is configured to refuse all cookies, you may not make purchases or take advantage of basic features on our site, such as storing items in your shopping cart or receiving personalised recommendations. In order to best manage cookies according to your needs, we recommend that you set your browser taking into account the purpose of cookies as detailed above. 


Here is how to check cookies or prevent them from being saved:

The way to configure each browser is different. In your browser help menu, you can find an explanation of how to modify the cookie settings. 

You may deactivate cookies by following these instructions:

1/ If you use Internet Explorer™

•             In Internet Explorer, click on the 'Tools' button and then choose 'Internet Options'.

•             Under the tab 'General', under 'Browsing History', click on 'Settings'.

•             Click on the 'Show Files' button.

•             Click on the ‘Name’ column to sort the files by alphabetical order, and then scroll down the list until you see the files beginning with the prefix 'Cookie' (all cookies have this prefix and usually contain the name of the website that created the cookie).

•             Select the cookie or cookies with the name '' and delete them.

•             Close the window containing the list of files, and then click OK twice to return to Internet Explorer.

2/ If you use Firefox™

•             Go to the 'Tools' tab of your browser and then select 'Options'.

•             In the window that appears, choose 'Privacy’ and click on 'Show Cookies'. 

•             Locate the file containing the name 'altissia .com'.  Select those files and delete them. 

3/ If you use Safari™

•             In your browser, go to 'Preferences'.

•             Click on 'Security'. 

•             Click on 'Show cookies'. 

•             Select the cookies containing the name 'altissia .com' and click 'Delete' or 'Delete All'. 

•             After you finish deleting the cookies, click on 'Finish'.

4/ If you use Google Chrome™

•             Click on the 'Tool' icon in the menu. 

•             Select 'Option'. 

•             Click on the tab 'Advanced Options' and go to the 'Privacy' section.

•             Click on the 'Show Cookies' button. 

•             Locate the files that contain the name 'altissia .com', and then select and delete them. 

•             Click on 'Close' to return to your browser. 

5/ If you use Opera™

Open the menu 'Tools' or 'Settings' and then select 'Delete Private Information'.  Click on the 'Advanced Options' tab and then choose the desired options or follow the link